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Ending The Day Well

Vasily Perov Children Sleeping

Here is some more advice from Baxter and Scudder about how to end the day with God.

Before returning to sleep, it is wise and necessary to review the actions and mercies of the day past, so that you may be thankful for all the special mercies and humbled for all your sins.

This is necessary in order that you might renew your repentance as well as your resolve for obedience, and in order that you may examine yourself to see whether your soul grew better or worse, whether sin goes down and grace goes up and whether you are better prepared for suffering, death and eternity. (Richard Baxter)

All this being done, yet while you are putting off your apparel, when you are lying down, and when you are in bed, before you sleep, it is good that you commune with your own heart, (Ps. 4:4). If other good and fit meditations offer not themselves, some of these will be seasonable:

When you see yourself without your apparel, consider what you were at your birth, and what you shall be at your death, when you put off this earthly tabernacle… how that you brought nothing into this world, nor shall carry any thing out (1 Tim. 6:7)… This will be an excellent means to give you sweet content in any thing you have (1 Tim. 6:8)… (Henry Scudder).

If you want to be challenged then pick up the book “The Christian’s Daily Walk” by Henry Scudder or look up the Works of Richard Baxter online and read a little of these great men who have a lot of wisdom to share.


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How To Begin Your Day


Years ago I came across some writings by Richard Baxter (1615-1691) and Henry Scudder (1743-1822) that talked about how to begin and end our day with God. Here are a few quotes that have stuck with me over the years about beginning our day with our focus on God.

“Measure the time of your sleep appropriately so that you do not waste your precious morning hours sluggishly in your bed. Let the time of your sleep be matched to your health and labour, and not to slothful pleasure.” (Richard Baxter)

“In the instant of awaking let your heart be lifted up to God with a thankful acknowledgment of his mercy to you. For it is he that gives his beloved sleep, who kept you both in soul and body while you slept, who renews his mercies every morning. For, while you sleep, you are as it were out of actual possession of yourself, and all things else . Now, it was God that kept you, and all that you had, and restored them to you again, with many new mercies, when you awaked.” (Henry Scudder)

Think of how many souls were that night called from their bodies terrifyingly to appear before God and think how quickly days and nights are rolling on! How speedily your last night and day will come! Observe that which is lacking in the preparedness of your soul for such a time and seek it without delay.”
(Richard Baxter)

“Let God have your first awaking thoughts; lift up your hearts to Him reverently and thankfully for the rest enjoyed the night before and cast yourself upon Him for the day which follows.

Familiarize yourself so consistently to this that your conscience may check you when common thoughts shall first intrude. Think of the mercy of a night’s rest and of how many that have spent that night in Hell; how many in prison; how many in cold, hard lodgings; how many suffering from agonizing pains and sickness, weary of their beds and of their lives.

“When you arise and dress yourself, lose not that precious time with impertinent and fruitless thoughts. This is a fit time to think upon the cause of why you need apparel … namely your sin. It will likewise be of good purpose to consider what the wise providence of God hath appointed to be the substance of your apparel, the rinds of plants, skins, hair, wool of brute beasts, and the bowels of the silkworm. It does magnify the wisdom, power and goodness of God in choosing and turning such mean things to such excellent use. So it should humble and suppress the pride of man. For what man in his senses would be proud of the badge of his shame.” (Henry Scudder)

I don’t know about you, but before I even open my eyes, my mind races ahead to all the things I need to accomplish that day, of the lists I need to make, errands I need to run. and what I am going to wear. I wish I could be so single minded first thing in the morning, realizing that without God I cannot accomplish even the smallest task. Definitely something I need to work on.

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