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Hanging Gumball Machine

We use gumballs as little treats during our school time. It is such a simple thing and the kids look forward to it each day. Sadly our gumball machine broke and I am left with a huge bucket of gumballs.  The kids don’t mind because now they can pick which color they want.
Today I  came across this gumball machine from LTD. What a cute idea. I don’t know where I would hang it but I am tempted to buy it.



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Toilet Paper Origami

If you ever have a few extra minutes before guests come, spruce up your bathroom with some toilet paper origami. This is sure to wow your friends.


Click the picture to help you learn how to fold your toilet paper into a piece of art.

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Watermelon Fun

I found this great site about watermelon carving.  Even though summer is slowly coming to an end I thought it has some very fun and cute ideas. Here are a couple of their creations. Click on the pictures and it will take you to more watermelon carving options. I believe there are 40 in all.


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Sovereign Grace has come out with another CD for children and once again it does not disappoint. I have always been a Sovereign Grace fan because everything they do points to the gospel and this CD is no different. The lyrics are awesome and even the adults will enjoy its music. The theme of this album is the fruit of the Spirit, and has songs about self control, kindness, faithfulness and being like Jesus. Check out some of the song samples and get this for your kids. (I do believe it is on sale right now!)

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Playing With Clean Mud


When I hear the word “mud” I don’t think of “clean”, but apparently mud does not have to be a dirty mess. Here is a recipe for clean “white mud”. This is what you will need:

A large bowl or a very large plastic container
3 rolls of Toilet Paper (4 if you are using the regular size rolls)
1 bar (3.1 oz.) of Ivory Soap
about 8-10 C. Warm Water
(some add 3/4 C. of Borax but it is not required. I didn’t use any.)


With the help of the kids tear up the toilet paper and put into a large container.

soap grating

Using a cheese grater, grate the bar of soap into the toilet paper.


Add the water a cup at a time. Mix everything together for 10-15 min. You are looking for a thick, somewhat creamy texture. The kids should to be able to make “mud” pies or other shapes using cups and other molds.  If the mixture is too runny just add more toilet paper.


I have heard that you can store it at room temperature for a few weeks. Ours is not that old yet, but I hope it lasts a while. After we made this concoction we took it outside and the kids had a blast playing with it for almost an hour, plus they smelled nice and clean when they were done.

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Paper Beads


Ever wonder what your kids can do with your magazines besides cutting out the pictures? No need to wonder anymore because here is a cute craft. Make your own paper beads out of magazine paper and string them together to make a necklace or bracelet. It’s very easy to do. Here are the step by step instructions to paper bead making. Try using other types of paper as well like newspaper, wrapping paper, plain paper ….

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Homemade Baby Wipes

Jessie Wilcox-SmithI found a number of different recipes for homemade natural baby wipes. They seems to be great for babies with sensitive skin and another way to save money.

All of these recipes can be put in a spray bottle. Then when you need to use it you can spray it directly on a washcloth or on a paper towel. Another thing you can do when using paper towels is to cut the roll in half and remove the cardboard center. Place one of the halves in a 3qt. round Rubbermaid container with a lid. Pour your solution in the container and let sit 10. min so all the liquid can be absorbed. You can also separate your paper towels, fold them and lay them in an old wipe box and pour the mixture on top. Make sure you use a high quality, thick paper towels. Here is a list of different baby wipe solution recipes:

Basic Recipe
3 cup warm water
2 tablespoon baby oil
1 tablespoon baby bath

Basic Recipe #2make-baby-wipes-thumb

2 TBSP Baby Wash (choose a natural wash!)
2 TBSP Olive Oil
2 Cups water

Baby Wash with Tea Tree Oil

2 TBSP Baby Wash
2 TBSP Olive Oil or 1 TBSP Calendula Oil
2 Drops Tea Tree Oil
2 Cups Water

Tea Tree Oil has disinfectant properties and a clean smell.

Aloe Vera Recipe

1/4 Cup Aloe Vera Gel
2 Drops Tea Tree Oil
2 Cups Hot Water
Well mixed and wait for the mixture to cool down.

Vitamin E and Essential Oils Recipebabywipes-main_Full

2 Drops Tea Tree Oil
2 Drops Lavender Oil
2 Drops Chamomile Oil
2 Cups Water
1 Vitamin E Cap

Cut open vitamin E caplet and squeeze into the water, and add essential oil drops. Mix well in a spray bottle or your wipes box.

Anti-fungal Baby Wipes

1/2 c. distilled water
1 tsp. vinegar
1/4 c. aloe vera gel
1 TBS. calendula oil
1 drop lavender essential oil
1 drop tea tree essential oil

Mix all together in spray bottle or wipe box. This might not be the best to use on open sores due to the vinegar.


Some like to boil their water. Make sure you let it cool completely before mixing the rest of the ingredients.

Sometimes the wipes can mold. Adding Tea Tree oil or Vitamine E can eliminate this. Then again if you use a pack of wipes a week you won’t have a problem.

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